The Response Desk // Adjustable Home Office Desk ft. The Jarvis Desk Base

Ready for Anything

The Response desk is a testament to daily work. As the world shifts and changes - we pivot, we adapt, we respond. We believe our furniture should follow suit, ensuring your desk supports your actions - no matter your activity.

  • Personalized to you
  • Home ergonomics
  • Color of your choice




Personalized to You

We manufacture each desk based on your requirements, allowing for a 47" or 59" desk.

Down the road, if you'd really like a Slim tabletop, you can upgrade to your Slim without a base (use coupon code NOBASE) and work on the Response top while we create the new tabletop for you. With the reduction in price, your wallet wins too.

Home Ergonomics

As we migrate to working at home, it's never been more important to find comfort in your workspace. The minimalist manufacture of the Response desk allows for quick and timely delivery - everything you need to answer today's challenges. Once you're settled, there are clear upgrade paths to our other ranges.

Float On

Integrated with the award-winning Jarvis Desk Base, moving from sitting to standing is effortless. With an industry-leading lift capacity of 348 lb (158 kg), Response has maximum stability when working at height. The mid-range desk swiftly adjusts from 29" to 48.25" - perfect for the average user. If you're a little taller, the extended range desk adjusts from 24.5" to 50". If this is you, choose the extended range option if you're considering an Evolve or E2 down the road).




47" or 59"


29" to 48.25"

24.5" to 50" (extended range)


~100 lbs



Work desk




1-2 people

Top Materials


Base Material


Base Color

Black, White, or Clear Coated Brushed Metal

Back finish

Same as front


Water-based, low-VOC urethane finish (durable, highly rated for wood floor use)

Weight Capacity

~250 lbs

Intended Use

Residential / office use

Country of Origin

Desktop - US: Midwest

Jarvis Base - China

Product Warranty

See Returns Policy


Level of Assembly

Partial assembly - Fitting table top and frame

Any tools required


Complexity of Assembly

Simple - 5 mins



The Response Desk is crafted of cabinet-grade plywood with a hardwood veneer.

We then carefully sand your top smooth and stain it by hand.

We protect your desktop with a high-tech, super-durable, green-guard certified finish that will withstand your morning coffee and evening meals.


The base is available in black, gray or white. 


As each desk is made to order, check for more.

We do offer temporary tops to get you by if you need a desk ASAP – that gets you the desk you need now (so you’re not sitting on the couch) while we make the desk you want.



Recycled / recyclable content

Made predominantly of steel, which is highly recyclable

Air Quality & VOC Emissions

Good - low VOCs, water-based used in lacquer.  Slight odor to the finish for a while as it cures.  If you are sensitive to odors we recommend the Rubio Monocoat.

Woods Selection

All solid woods selected have increasing populations (i.e. more wood is growing than is being cut)


Are these desks made to order?

Yes, we handcraft each desk to order, so please allow us time to construct your desk. If there are any time considerations or special circumstances regarding your order, please let us know right away so we can take care of you. We can sometimes prioritise desk orders if requested. This incurs an additional fee to pay our workers for overtime.

Is the back of the desk in the same finish as the front?

Yes! The back of the desk will appear very similar to the front – the idea is to allow use in a range of interiors - whatever setting or space you require.

Is there any assembly required with the desk?

Yes, but it’s extremely straightforward. The desk ships in two separate sections. The assembly level is in line with a flat-pack furniture project with a quick assembly of the frame and then attaching the desktop to the frame with a screwdriver.

How long will it take to get my desk?

As each desk is made to order, check for more.

We do offer temporary tops to get you by if you need a desk ASAP – that gets you the desk you need now (so you’re not sitting on the couch) while we make the desk you want.

Can I see color samples?

Yes, we offer color samples free of charge here:

Are you the designer?

Yes, I am – I have been a woodworker since I was a kid (I’m now in my 40’s). I have a passion for art & design and a couple of engineering degrees. My furniture is a mixture of those experiences. I design, and we make everything in our shop in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Work in the Now

The Response sit-stand desk is made to get you up-and-running in no time at all, and with no compromise to quality.