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THE RESPONSE DESK // Solid Wood Standing Desk with Quick & Easy Assembly Desk Base

Ready for Anything

The Response desk is a testament to daily work. The world shifts and changes - we pivot, we adapt, we respond. We believe your furniture should follow suit - moving along with you throughout the day to keep you focused & energized.   Ensuring your desk supports your actions - no matter your work.

Solid Wood Desktop

The Response desk is made with 3/4" thick solid North American Hardwood - for a beautiful, durable work surface that's a joy.  The Response desk features our new, super-easy-and-quick-to-assemble desk base made for ROMI by Linak.  The legs click on like ski boots - just unpack your desk, click the legs on, flip the desk over, plug in, and you're good-to-go.

Made to order in the size & finish of your choice

The Response is made to order in four beautiful hardwood finishes.  

  • American Cherry - stained, solid Midwestern black cherry hardwood
  • Rustic Walnut - clear-coated solid Midwestern black walnut hardwood
  • Natural Beech - clear-coated solid beech from northern Michigan
  • Natural Maple - clear-coated Midwestern solid maple

 All of our desktops are clear coated with a KCMA rated, Greenguard Certified, formaldehyde-free conversion varnish made.  It's both durable and provides safe indoor air quality.

 If none of those suite you, you're welcome to choose another finish from our sample section.  Please note certain wood species may incur an additional charge - drop a line and connect with us if this is something you'd like to explore:



    American Cherry
    Natural Maple
    Rustic Walnut
    Natural Beech