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June 14, 2013 1 min read

Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882 – 1945) was an American professor, physicist and inventor who is credited with creating and building the world's first liquid-fueled rocket, which he successfully launched on March 16, 1926.

Rocket Mission is my new project.  I launched Dust Furniture* with my wife Jessie back in 2006.  Together we launched Uncommon Handmade in 2009.  But now my design wondering are leading me to more mid-century modern inspired designs which fit neither into Dust or Uncommon.  So, enter Rocket Mission.

Rocket Mission's goal is to focus on approachable, modern, warm, human, quality furniture that's made in the USA in an environmentally responsible way.  

Dust is a great line, but they are functional art.  Uncommon is a great line, but focuses on accents.  My goal for Rocket Mission is to great very livable, well-designed furniture.  Dust is Art+Furniture.  Rocket Mission will be Life+Design+Furniture.

-Vincent Leman

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