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July 09, 2013 1 min read

It's a little embarrassing just how excited I've been to design a credenza.  I'm sure that makes me a design geek, but what's one to do? It's such a classic piece of furniture and there are quite a few great examples of mid-century design in the credenza format.  

The most interesting part of this piece has been working out the design of the pulls.  I want to keep the piece as simple and clean as possible, but at the same time the handle needs to communicate their presence and offer ease of use.  I've experimented with several of possibilities and I think I may have a winner.  I should say, my goal is not to copy mid-century design, but rather to fold some of the sensibilities of the period into my own design style.

We're planning to build another prototype (hopefully the final version) and photograph later this month, so I hope to have the new design listed soon!



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