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The Evolve // Electric Adjustable Desk With Drawers

The Modern Desk, Evolved.

Our modern classic,the Evolve Desk, is the desk that launched Romi.  Designed by Vincent Leman,the Evolve provides beautiful, modern design.  It's made with solid wood and carefully crafted to order, by hand, just for you.  And, in a world of plain slabs, the Evolve desk features drawersAstanding desk with drawers.

The Evolve was originally sold through Fully until 2023 when Fully closed.  If you are looking for the Fully Evolve Desk - look no further.  You found it!  We are the makers of the Classic Jarvis Evolve Desk for Fully.  If you were as sad as we are that Fully closed, at least take comfort knowing you found the source of the Jarvis Evolve Desk.

There are few easier and simpler ways of helping to alleviate the daily aches and pains of desk-work than using a sit-stand desk. Evolve is ergonomically designed to support your movements throughout the day with a modern aesthetic - combining natural and refined materials to create a unique desk system.

  • A beautiful electric adjustable desk with drawers
  • Experience the joy of working on a real hardwood desk
  • Integrated cord storage to hide the cord mess
  • Customizable size, finish, and desk base options

Order free finish samples here.

The Evolve Electric Adjustable Desk with Drawers - shown in Rustic Walnut with Natural Maple Drawers and Integrated Keyboard Tray.


  • Desk depth:  27"
  • Desk height:  30" to 56"
  • Desk width: 38" to 72"
  • Desk lifting capacity:  220lb (additional to desktop)
  • Base noise level:  <48dB / silent: 38dB
  • Desk base: ROL, made in Michigan
  • Assembly:  Desk base must be installed onto desktop.  Base is partially assembled for faster/easier installation
The Evolve Desk Customization Options
  • Wood species
  • Wood color (order free wood finish samples here)
  • Desktop width
  • Choose your integrated keyboard tray option
  • Choose your grommet situation
  • Order desktop only with code NOBASE
Office Furniture Made in America
Frequently Asked Questions About The Evolve, Standing Desk With Drawers

Are standing desks worth it?

Standing desks are beneficial from an orthopedic perspective in that standing is good for your neck, back, and posture overall. However, standing for extended periods can cause problems such as knee pain. That’s why we recommend height adjustable desks like The Evolve.

Do electric desks use a lot of electricity?

Concerned that getting an electric standing desk will increase your electricity bill? Don’t worry! On average, an electric adjustable desk will use only 200 watts, and only when the motor is being used. This number is significantly lower on standby.

How do I choose an adjustable desk?

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you’re shorter than 5 feet 4 inches, aim for a desk that can adjust to at least 23 inches in height. For those taller than 6 feet 6 inches, be sure the desk can go up to at least 50 inches.

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