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STAGE // Content Creator & Programmers Desk // Adjustable Height or Fixed Height Developer's Desk

Traditional desks just aren’t designed for the work you do in content creation. 

The Content Creator's Desk

Whether you’re creating value by editing videos, mixing music, writing code, or trading in financial markets, traditional desks just weren’t created for the sort of work you do.  Instead of desk blotters and ink wells, we need monitor space.  Instead of a spacious desktop area for piles of paper, we need places to stash extra keyboards and specialized peripherals.

The STAGE is designed from the ground up for the work we do today – not the work we did 100 years ago.


Designed like an organ - with everything in reach


Not like a desk from the 18th century




  • Amphitheater design to put you in the center of the action
  • Designed for ALL the monitor arms – if you can clamp it – it probably fits
  • Multiple tiers for stashing extra keyboards, mixers
  • Space to store stuff out of sight
  • Plenty of area to install CPU holders
  • Flexible cord storage areas – we tidied our cables that one time, but then we added stuff and it’s just handing there.
  • Designed for adjustable height bases to flex with your day and your performance

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